Pension "landscape Furano" is a pension time unhurried. The Tokachi mountain range, Hokkaido, scenery opening from the room will spread the hills of Biei and Furano typified by Hokkaido in front. In addition, such as nature tours the owner of outdoor guide will guide you will be able to feel the time was slow in the magnificent nature of Hokkaido.
As a base for travel of Furano Biei, to those traveling alone from family, please enjoy Pension "landscape Furano".

Welcome to Landscape Furano


Dinner of Dutch oven

Dinner of Dutch oven

Menu of Hokkaido only to be cooked in a Dutch oven. Dinner dynamic and utilizing the characteristic of the material is popular!

Excellent location

Excellent location

Tokachi mountain range and hills spread to the other side of the window. You can enjoy the scenery of Hokkaido, Furano unique.

JAL/ANA plane ticket, airplane ticke

JAL/ANA plane ticket, airplane ticke

You can now book a Landscape Furano Accommodation Plan online, including air tickets with ANA. Arrangements can be made on our reservations website, with great accommodation deals available.


E-Bike Guided Tour

Why do not you travel with the electric bicycle "E-Bike" together with Furano Local Guide? If you go with any assisted bicycle on any slope, the hillside of Furano is easy! Sometimes, visit farmers in Furano and go out for tasting of mini tomatoes, strawberries and Furano melon! We are preparing a variety of tooling routes and we are waiting.


Bee keeper (beekeeping) experience tour

I will visit Seo Beekeeping Garden, who deals with the production of honey in Furano. Let's look through the unknown "bee's world" through beekeeping experience called bee keeper. Actually this beekeeping, a very close relationship with us. What is that? Let's go find the answer together.


Furano melon King Ruby

Sugar content is 16 degrees or more " sweet " ! ! Even melon reaches as high as 18 degrees in ! ! Sweetness far exceeding 12 Doe your average sugar content of one article of Yubari melon is a melon I feature !
It is a red meat melons that are usually , long shelf life is not much, but as one of the characteristics of the Ruby King , that the " shelf life is good " and so on. Because it is the king of Ruby " Xiu product" , it is pleased with a gift !


Our owner

Originally from Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture .
The employment environment to research firm then .
After serving seven years , in the spring of independence in 2009 , to perform the pension industry .
Guidance naturally Furano , Biei , customers who came to staying .